Thursday, July 3, 2008

family's the best.

i have officially secured my title as "the best big sister in the world." i taught mah boy what bein a country boy was all about. that freckle faced grin was all the confirmation i needed. absolutely adorable, witty, charming, and sarcastic as can be. he does me proud!
i thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him this week. and i think C did too. i think she'd make a great mama. she doesn't think so, but i do. but then again, if the situation ever comes about (*crosses fingers*), she'll be the super stressed, grey haired, hair thinning, needin xanax'es mama. i'd be the cool, laid back milf. yea, that's right, i said it,...MILF. fuck yea.
i genuinely hope and pray that one day C and i can arrive to the point of both being ready, willing, and able to have a family of our own one day. until then, call me the damn dog mama. < ahem >
anyways, our house is slowly coming along. the foundation is complete!! woohoo!!