Wednesday, July 23, 2008

farewell, zulu.

wow, its been a while. i've been on a hiatus here, as of late. don't ask me why, because i truly cannot answer that. i just felt like it, is the best excuse i can fathom. the house is coming along quite nicely. i'll be taking pictures today and posting them the next time i feel like blogging. i have been doing laundry for forever and a freakin day now. (gah. how DO two people amass SO MUCH?!) but ofcourse, i am loving it up, as i am feeling especially miss betty homemaker lately. (scary, yes, i am acutely aware.) i am enjoying my life. something inside of me feels like i've perhaps shed a bit of the pan syndrome, flown the coop, and returned home to earth. in other words, it feels like i grew up a smidge.
i am making excellent progress on the letting go of him. thank buddha. progress is indeed healing. the scars will forever be there, but are truly fading with time.
yesterday, the earth lost a powerful light. i speak of the magnificent estelle getty, aka, sophia patrillo. i am sincerely saddened by our great loss. her charitable and tireless work for the lgbt community was nothing short of saint-like worthiness. her legeacy as the widowed, former shady pines resident, quick witted, italian transplanted yankee will forever vbe fondly recalled. my own personal way of immortalizing and paying my homeage to her, will be that the next pup i get, will be affectionately named sophia. my friend, L, said it was sad. well, yea. but that's okay. as major golden girls addicts and dorks, i know she secretly is cheering me on. RIP, Estelle, you will be missed.

Sophia: Why do blessings wear disguises? If I were a blessing, I'd run around naked.

Rose: Here you are, Sophia. The perfect after-dinner treat, a nice dish of Jell-O.
Sophia: I hate Jell-O. If God wanted peaches suspended in midair, he would have filled them with helium.

Rose: [Rose is checking Sophia into the hospital] Name?
Sophia: Zulu, Queen of the Dwarf People.