Tuesday, May 13, 2008


today in my therapist's office i saw a board game for carmen sandiego. i was elated when i saw it. i told her if i could find that computer game on ebay, i'd so be buying it.
you see, carmen sandiego brings back warm memories of comfort and slivers of happiness. even as a child, i was such a computer nerd. i was the kid on the block who had everything first. first super nintendo, first tv, vcr, phone in their room. i was spoiled, what can i say?
my days consisted of eating boiled pnuts, french onion dip with chips, and coca colas. if i wasn't watching the golden girls, roseanne, saved by the bell, family matters, or wishbone... i was either watching carmen san diego on pbs, or either i was playing it on my computer.
it was a great show and game. there was no violence, no murders, no sexual connitations. all you had to do was follows the clues globally to catch carmen and her merry band of crooks. as to what exactly the crime was that she comitted, i can't recall. or, i'm not even sure if we ever knew what it was. but it was a harmless cops 'n robbers game that had an underlying educational purpose to teach geography.
yea see, us 80's kids knew what the fuck good entertainment was. give us some fraggle rock, saved by the bell, family matters, or Dinosaurs.
our flaws were peewee herman, acid washed jeans, crimped hair, neon colors, miami vice, inevitable destruction to the ozone layer from the immense over use of aquanet, and mullets and jerry curls. but hey, everybody makes mistakes. after all, ask jim and tammy bakker, or richard pryor.
those were the days.
good times,
good times, my friend.