Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this and that...

i must say, i am sitting here contemplating topics for this entry. to get my muses singing into my ear, i hit the 'play' button on my myspace music list. it goes without saying that my queen dominates the list, with the reigning supremacy that only she has cast over me. there is something about every aspect of her being that leaves me powerless to her spells of enchantment. there aren't many things this lady can do that displease me.
reba icon 5 Pictures, Images and Photos reba Pictures, Images and Photos
Reba Pictures, Images and Photos
at first, the short haircut did just that. why shed all of that trademark hair? that's like dolly parton going down to an A cup. its blasphemous. then when her majesty departed from touring to persue her tv show and her critically acclaimed portrayal of annie in her broadway production, i was proud to see her raw talent extending all around. but i'd be lying to say i was happy she put a hold on touring. and then there's the one thing that leaves me in an ambiguous position: her duet with barry manilow. i absolutely LOATHE that song when it is sung by the original artists, dolly parton and kenny rogers. when i first heard reba and barry's rendition, it annoyed me. but now, it pulls me in like the tide. alas, i have succumbed to it. there are just some things you can't fight against.
reba Pictures, Images and Photos
this week has been a... busy one. honey had to be treated for another migraine in the er. then my sister... what can i say? teenagers, i tell ya. we are still awaiting the final verdict. i hope and sincerely pray it proves a point to her.
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our camera situation leaves a shit taste in my mouth. one camera works, but its usb cord will not connect to the pc. the other camera which holds the same memory card, is not vista compatible. fantastic. i earnestly wish to post pictures of our house, as the tedious progress is nearing its end. i will try to steal a camera from my mom or wisabusth.
life is good.