Wednesday, February 4, 2009

arts and farts.

i have officially returned to my writing. whether it is good or not remains to be seen. i'm the tyrannical ruler of this domain. the karma i inflict upon the bad guys will soothe my soul, it will be so cathartic.
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i completed a painting entitled, "wish." i used acrylic paint and threw in a bit of mosaic work to make it 'pop' out more. in the picture posted on here, i had my painting set down on the back porch, and the sun caused the screen door's shadow to fall upon my painting. its the square shaped pattern that you see. its definitely NOT on the actual canvas.
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the war is ON with fat man!! i'm seriously contemplating something legal that i can do to piss him off. i want to do something SO bad. i'm still convinced he's a con artist. maybe he travels all over the country targeting various churches, stealing their money. like a traveling carnival. a nomadic thief disguised as a man of god. oh yea, and an inconsiderate neighbor and a half-witted dog owner. yesth. yesth, that is who he is.
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