Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i shall.

okay, wow its been a while since i've visited this bloggosphere. let's see...
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#1- Octo-Mom: okay. seriously the american psychiatric association needs to add a new mental disease. i'm not sure what they'd call it, but i know that octo-mom wouldn't be the only person afflicted with the disease. michelle duggar would be patient numero dos. back to Octo-Mom, what in the WORLD could be her rationale for how she is going to feed her brood? jesus. i saw somewhere that she likes comparing herself to angelina jolie and her little brood of deities. um, excuse me, let's take this in for a lives at home with her mom, the other has countless mansions around the world (her address ends reads: angelina jolie, mount olympus). one is unemployed, the other has won an oscar and is one of the most sought after women in the world. one accepts food stamps, the other sends her kids to school where they have gourmet chefs. one is all but begging the public for money, and the other rebuilds homes, brings foreign aide and awareness to poverty stricken countries. yea. no delusions of grandeur here, folks. none.
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#2- Big Love is back on in its third season. this show strangely fascinates the hell out of me. the dynamics of it all... is just so damn intriguing. the comedic relief in this sordid tale is Bill Pullman's mother on the show. Louis Henrickson (his mother) is constantly trying to kill his dad. the woman is funny as it gets. why, you ask. allow me to answer that for you. she reminds me of my paternal grandmother. the way she acts. talks. thinks. its just EVERTHING. i am dead serious when i say it, too.
#3- i have been a slacker in the department of mommy-hood. i've not been taking pictures of my own brood. i promise you, my faithful reader/peeping toms, that after my "wee one" gets her new 'do at the groomers in the morning, i WILL take pictures. i will also take pictures of the house, so yall can see that progress too.
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i've just kinda been stickin to mahself lately, so don't be offended. i shall return very very soon for another visit, dear bloggosphere. i shall.