Sunday, September 7, 2008

mirror, mirror, on the wall...

this weekend was nothing short of amazing. i went to florence initially to be with my family during Hanna, but at the last moment, my friend asked me to babysit her four month old. from the get-go, i knew this challenge was sent my way for a clear purpose. i needed to prove to myself and to others that i was very capable of taking care of an infant ALONE. not only did i do it, but i think i did a damn good job.
i took my harley with me, to keep me company. and after about an hour, him and Jake (a chihuahua) hit it off fine... for the most part. its some kind of strange phenomenon with my harley. i mean, seriously,... just about any male dog he meets HUMPS him!! my poor baby has been molested by numerous doggy-pedifile-ass pilferers. we tried to prevent him from receiving any unwanted affection from his new admirer. however, our dear precious and precocious harley, ever the wonder dog himself, saw it fit to try his best to attack the two big dogs. yesth, yesth. is it any wonder my harley has issues getting his spark plugs to ignite?

i absolutely adored my time with baby noah. i wished that day could've lasted longer. even being sick, he was nothing short of an absolute delight. when i fed him,... holding him, it was just awesome. i was completely awe struck. (also, apparently Jake is mistyeyed himself, seeing as to how he has sat by the window pouting for harley since we left.) i must admit, i am a horrid doggy mama, as i attempted to bribe anna by offering up both my dogs for noah. for some odd reason, she declined my offer. i can't imagine why. arrrg. lol.
when anna came home from work, we headed up to wal-mart and bought a few things. parts of my hair are now pinkish/firetruck red. yea. lady clairol shal be seeing me tomorrow. it was fun, though...even though C says my hair's gonna all fall out.
driving home, i had harley beside me, jackson curled up into a rolley poley ball on my comforter, and kelly clarkson blaring. i tell you, i pray to buddha she's on my team. *ahem* yesth, yesth, that would be quite nice.
i noticed that the trees are beginning to change colors, signaling this year's summer retirement. driving along the back roads, the sun glistened into the fields full of food, and the pavement sparkled in front of me. C and pops are working on our house steadily. and C mowed the grass there for the first time last week. that was kinda cool. i got to follow her from our new house to our current house with her driving the lawn mower, and i driving our truck. teehee.
life is good. everything is as it should be, finally. and that, is one hell of a fulfilling feeling. with the approaching arrival of fall, the changing of the winds bring a calming, mellow season that i look forward to every year.
vic mackey is back, sordid lives is on this week, i got pinkish/reddish hair, a new Tink jacket, a great wife, two semi-retarded dogs, a semi psychotic family, and great friends. so it seems to truly be a strange new sensation in the core of my heart; it is nothing more than,...a state of grace.