Wednesday, September 10, 2008

just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.

the problem of the pink hair has now been resolved. we dyed it back to what would be my natural color. it was fun while anna and i did it, but then after it dried by the next day, i resembled the hooker from my name is earl, except i had pink/red/blonde/brown hair. it was a rainbow of colors. not cool. ...not cool, at all.

my shoulders felt a bit better today, though i'm not quite in the clear yet. i hate when these things happen. its so aggravating. joy oh fucking joy.

when i left school today, i headed for my Dr.'s office, and honked the horn at a BUNCH of people. i was irritated, cramping, hot, hungry, and thirsty. thats when i realized my own mother nature was a-brewin a tropical storm out in the ocean somewhere.

everyday on the news, i see more and more of sarah palin. i don't like her. i am not so naieve to believe that there are no smoke screens in this political race. the fact of the matter is this: mccain was falling further and further in the polls, so when obama didn't choose hillary, mccain utilized this for all its worth, he chose a female. thats it, pure and simple.
if mccain gets elected this country is fucked. no other way of saying it. the agenda of the bush administrations will continue forward in their illegal wars and illegal and immoral means of attaining money.
there are shady things about all four people in this election. research would show just that. and most likely, you could play tit for tat and line up and compare every pro and con about each candidate. it will boil down to ultimately your own personal choice, as to who your vote goes to.

i am basing my vote on change, and who i believe to be more liberal. yes, in my opinion, that would be obama. i read somewhere that the majority of the rest of the WORLD believes it should be obama elected, not mccain. (the rest of the world was also mystified as to how bush got a second term. i am right there with them, on that one.)
we need change. this country is in a change drought. the bush administrations bled us dry. i just hope and pray to buddha that the electoral votes vote in obama, and aren't fixed to bring in mccain. it seems almost silly and moot to have the popular vote, when its really the electoral vote that matters.

okay, i'm done ranting. i'm tired. i think i may actually go to bed early tonight. *shock*