Thursday, October 1, 2009


a few quick updates:

*when we initially bought appliances for the house, honey researched all of our options. we eventually settled for the stainless steel, double doored Kenmore. (by the way, who THE FUCK'S idea was it to make the doors of the stainless steels non-magnetic?! i mean, really.) we have the sears warranty on it, for preventitive measures. low and behold, honey discovered several minute acid etchings on the doors. that is not what we paid good money for. so she called sears and they said no problem. they mailed us two replacement doors. the technician would then come to install them. but no; it couldn't be that easy. the doors were banged up on the bottom, obvious from the in-transit journey. so we called them back; they sent a second pair. guess what? the same thing. so by now we have 4, count the, 1, 2, 3, 4, refridgerator doors that we cannot use. honey called them back and they scheduled an appointment for the technician to come. ("anytime between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m." don't you just love that shit?! i detest fucking corporations.) so anyways, the dude arrives and deems the doors, in fact, unusable. (gee. really? thanks, einstein.) he says the doors cost sears $400 a piece. that meant that we had $1600 worth of useless doors sitting in their boxes on our front porch. (thus making our house and yard look dangerously close to looking like trash.) dude said that we would get a new fridge. now, we are down to a brand spanking new fridge, with two perfect doors on it, and no doors on our front porch.

*i purchased an adorable little HP Mini with a 10.1 inch screen. its just my size. i got a good price for it, but i tell you. i'm frugle now. so when i had to shell out about $500, i got all flushed in the face. granted the computer wasn't $500, but it totaled about that price with some accessories i got with it. i got honey some CD that she wanted and i got my queen's CD, Keep On Loving You.

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*i have a slurry of birthdays in october; my honey, lizasaurus, ashes, mason, and billy. that is a lot of cards and gifts to buy!!