Wednesday, October 7, 2009


back in highschool, our gym teacher would make us do laps around the track by the ballfield. i hated this. i loathed this. i abhorred this. i may have been a little, tiny, 98lb, size 0 young thing (*sigh*) but the fact was, was that i was out.of.shape. i was a true spawn of the 80's; i was a nintendo/super nintendo freak. my generation of gamers defined the worlds of today's world of warcraft freaks. they should pay homeage to us. (whilst it may be true they can kick my ass on their gaming system/PC, i still dare you to find a modern day tweener who's ass i can't stomp at SuperMario World, Super Mario 2 or 3. bring it.)

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point is, most of my youth and teen summers were spent rescuing princesses. i was not the athletic type. so as i ran those laps around that god-awful, sweat stenched mile of misery, it would kick my ass. i would get these pains in my chest. it'd hurt to breathe and my heart felt like it raced too damn fast for my own good. (any heart beat rate above the rate at which i beat a mario game was unacceptable.) and this was unnacceptable. it was crippling. my throat felt like it was tightening, my chest writhed in pain, my ears pulsated, i was light headed, and it felt like i was on one helluva tilta-whirl ride at the fair. often the dizzying rate of the outside world revolving around me would drop me to my knees.

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as an adult, still with a penchant for SNES, i find that in the real world there are princesses in need of rescuing and that life demands you to run laps around things. often times it can seem like you are playing ring around the rosie, not getting anywhere. i have run this track until i have unearthed the next layer of filament, until my feet have bled raw. my chest is tighter than its ever been, even when i had bronchitis. it hurts so bad that i am grasping for air, for that life nutrient. the poisons i let course through me have starved my soul to its present unrecognizable state. the caked-on dirt itches my thighs where i sit on the ground. the smell of the dew on the grass announces the dawn of a new day. its at last time to make a wish on the last star of night before i breathe in the healing rays of anew.
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