Saturday, October 10, 2009

happy birthday, baby!!

first and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY!! i love you so much!! things will get better, i promise.
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apparently the saga of the refridgerator isn't over. just because we finally got the replacement fridge, that's the end of the tale, right? wrong. we got TWO.MORE.FRIKKIN.DOORS. seriously, yall. this brings the total of doors received up to 6. maybe obama needs to have a chat with sears. i mean, if they're wantin to waste money like that, atleast use it for good cause!!
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i finally listened to the wife and looked up the side effects of cymbalta. and o.m.f.g. the shit fits me. this damn medicine thats supposed to have been helping me has been hurting me!! sooo talking to the doc about that one. i mean i know that i already had the touch of the crazy, but with this medicine, i AM the crazy. its damn crippling and i detest it. enough already!!
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since honey ALREADY WENT TO EAT SUSHI WITHOUT ME today (and YES, honey, THAT is manipulation for a guilt trip...), i don't know what we'll do for sunday, her birthday. i know we've got to get up our halloween decorations though.
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