Thursday, November 5, 2009

living again.

today was an okay day. i could have kicked my mama's behind from here to the mason-dixon line, though. my mama is keeping certain medicines of mine for me and disperses them to me as they are needed. well, she took the wrong medicines with her this morning, leaving the ones she was supposed to take with her. the thing is, is that one of them she took was my blood pressure medication. not. frikkin. good.
last night i had to go to the ER because i was almost positive that the headache i had was due to extremely high blood pressure. my bp was great, actually, so it was just a migraine/cluster headache. yucky. Cheryl took me to the er and had to talk for me until my headache eased off until i could formulte my words into a coherant sentence. it felt nice having her here for the day. i didn't realize until she was here just exactly how much i missed her. it also was not hard as i thought it would be, seeing her. in fact, it was surprisingly easy. (like your mama.) we've decided to heal ourselves before we even give serious thoughts to a possible reunion. which, i'm okay with. it may or may not happen. but my top priority is working on getting me healed.
for the first time in a long while, i can genuinely say that i am okay.