Friday, April 18, 2008


wow, i found out something;
i am NOT as adapted to this whole blogging ordeal as i thought.
i tried various blogging sites,
but only departed feeling very inept.
you either need a master's in computer technology or you be a youngin,
because only both of those groups can decipher that shit!

so here i am, sticking with good old blogger,
in all my internet blogging jargon ignorance.
but it is nice,
this blog, that is.

it is new,
as is spring.
so the coincidence is not lost.
the humming birds are flitting about
flying on the back of the wind,
bees are suckling the pollen
dancing on the wind's back,
and the flowers are kissing the sun,
swaying with mother nature's moods.

state of grace had begun using tink as its metaphor,
outting tink, it said, to be precise.
she wasn't well then,
damaged in every aspect-
wings, heart, soul, and all.
over time, those all healed.
currently only perfect through her trophy scars,
she learned a little grace.
she learned about growing up.
though no longer tink,
this girl is flying.
maybe not perfectly on course,
or hell,
maybe just two feet off the ground.
but damnit i am flying,
and to me,
that's what its all been for...
preparing me for this.

so here's to flying on grace.