Saturday, January 23, 2010

on with the show.

its friday night, i'm wide assed awake, theres a girl in my bed with my two furbabies sleeping, a dr pepper by my side and here i sit frumpy as can be. alas, its a 7 year old girl my mom is babysitting and i have to a) sleep on the opposite end of the bed (but with this sprawling spider bed hog, thats not an option) or b) sleep in my sister's room. eh. joy. looking on the bright side, however, my sister did manage to perform a miracle tonight, though. i insisted she bring home a dr pepper for me (as she was out and about on the town) and she shot me down saying she wasn't in her car. after some good old fashioned sisterly brawling, a miracle ensued: she dropped off a dr pepper at my mama's doorstep like a redheaded stepchild on the front steps of a convent in the dead of night. the vatican would laugh if i were to approach them, claiming a true miracle happened: a thoughtful teenager. maybe i could claim mother theresa's characture on my dr pepper bottle? or that mother theresa's holy spirit engulfed my sister's soul, transforming her into a thoughtful teenager? who am i to question such miracles? on with the show!!