Monday, March 16, 2009

blissfully dreaming.

last night i had this fabulous dream that was so odd. well i actually had two dreams. in the first one obama lived at my mama's and used my old ass computer that was re-vamped by some secret task force. that way if anybody tried to hack it all they would see is some outdated software.
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in my other dream, cheryl and i were at a reba concert, 5th row, and reba came out into the audience giving out souveneres. well somebody took the souvenere out of my hand in front of her. she looked at me and said, "hey sarah," giving me a huge hug. then she said to hold on, that she'd take care of that. later in the concert, her personel hand delivered a backstage pass to me. joey was sitting in the isle next to me and was ecstatic for me. so i go backstage and reba talks to me like an old friend and offers me a job. well i ran back out to the audience to tell cheryl who'd gotten up to go pee. i was wandering around looking for her. in doing so, i saw so many people from my past. i saw costas, garrett, leigh ann, liz, my ex eman, C&J and their daughters... i didn't talk to them though. C&J that is. i just smiled and waved and went on about my business looking for cheryl. anyways thats all i can recall from that dream. but it was AWESOME!!
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tomorrow is my two year anniversary being married to my wife, and our 4 year anniversary for being together. aww. i do so adore her and love her with all of my heart because she puts up with all of my shenanigans and such. she's the greatest wife in the whole world!!
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